My Experience on Game Design: “Red Submarine” an IOS Game

Hi friends!

Last time I shared my experience drawing stickers for LINE “LucyChan and Momo”: and I LOVED the whole process. The interaction with LINE was awesome and because I had such a great experience I decided to continue creating more sets. I will share in the future the process of creating the new stickers as well as questions that may come up when creating the sets.

Now I would like to share with you something that I have been doing for almost a year: Game Design.

After different projects, I’ve noticed that there are steps to follow when working on game design (at least for me):

  1. Initiation of the project:  This involves meetings with managers and developers. Here you will get the ideas they have, drafts that may come in the meeting, dates and schedule, colors that should be used, etc. Sometimes graphics will be requested prior the meeting, so they can be shown and changed if applicable.
  2. Research: This is very important, this happens during the whole process. In order to draw something,  it is necessary to have a reference or inspiration to create something new.
  3. Strategies that will be used: This will come after the first meeting of the project. Again, research is also part of this step. 🙂 Some strategies include: marketing (yes, design is also part of this!), style, etc.
  4. Development of the project:
    • Writing: Yes, writing! This is the best way to let the ideas flow, here is allowed to write as you think. This step will help  you create the next step!
    • Mapping: Could be a diagram that’s used to represent ideas, and tasks linked to your main idea.This helps you to brainstorm, organize the project and tasks during this beautiful process.
    • Storyboarding: Meant to preview the project as a whole. Organize your project!
  5. Show work done: Meetings, meetings…yeah, there are part of the process : ) show what you have done so far. That way you can get input from the developers and managers. After this, refine!
  6. Refine according to expectations: Improve, fix, change if applicable!
  7. Complete and send work to developers: Done! The feeling of accomplishment/completion is the best feeling! Especially if you see your work later in games!

I have created the designs for several games, and the one that I will show you today is the process that I followed in creating “Red Submarine” . This game was created by a company named Ishineko; a wonderful company led by an entrepreneur who loves programming, he is a Java, Swift, and IOS expert. The game is inspired by the famous Flappy Bird game.



After discussing the different stages of the game with the developers, I started my drafting process, and then I starting doing what I love the most: creating the graphics on Illustrator.

Here are some of the documents I created for them:

This is the main image (part of their front page), basically is the red submarine and the name of the game.


The rudder is the play button for the game.


The next image, an old fashion radio:


Part of the game play, this is a “mountain”:


Next all the images together:



This project was a wonderful opportunity to share with an awesome team and to grow more as a professional. Thank you, all!

Just in case you want to check the game in the AppStore, here’s the link:

Have a wonderful rest of the week!